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Castle ♥

There are tons of reasons to love Castle. And I do love that show—every single episode. But the writers (and Nathan Fillion) do the little things that make me love it even more.

1. The obvious one: "But I like it!" (02x06)

So do we, Captain, so do we.

2. The infamous possibility: "Two by two"? (02x04)

Joss Whedon excels at creepy, and these guys are right at the top of his list (along with the Gentlemen and der Kindestod). I still can't hear the phrase "two by two" without shuddering, but I still loved this possible tribute. Okay, just saw here that Nathan Fillion actually did do it on purpose, and mentioned it on Twitter. :::GLEE:::

3. Malcolm...Reynolds in Naked Heat
This one is either an incredible coincidence or a great little tribute—and in the novel, of all things! Malcolm and Reynolds are two different, very minor detectives, but they're mentioned twice, first on p. 141, then again on the next page: "I also want a team to work the Dragonfl y. Malcolm, you and . . .how about Reynolds from Vice?", then "Heat didn’t like to bigfoot Malcolm and Reynolds, but she wanted to
check out the Dragonfly herself." Made me grin so hard. :D

4. Castle the Browncoat
(01x01)  (02x12) (02x17)
He may occasionally wear a black coat, but his standard jacket is brown. Okay, this may be reaching. Okay, okay, it is reaching. Still. 

5. "I was aiming for his head"
Even though I almost forgot this just now (shame on me!), it was so obvious and totally awesome at the time (especially since Castle is a good shot, and not high on pain meds). And it still is now. And this is another one that was apparently planned—they know certain elements of their audience :D. (Citations: YouTubeTwitter)

6. Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer
 (C02x15)  (P01x08)
Okay, different show, but I'll bet that this was intentional, too. When Castle was first coming out, Nathan Fillion mentioned in an interview that the way Psych juggled humor and murder was something they wanted to emulate a bit. He even does the "Ah! Having a vision" sort of moment, too. :)

7. "KATE!"
 (C02x17)  (WC01x14)
I watch White Collar, too. And when Castle was yelling for his Kate, I thought of Neal screaming for his. And then they both blow up. Or seem to. Seriously, that was horrible cliffhanger, especially when I made the mental connection. USA used all of their "explosion money" on Burn Notice. Seriously, that was on par with Walker, Texas Ranger. If you haven't seen the show, don't judge it from this. 

Castle makes me happy in many different ways, and I'm so glad it's running right now.

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